Following her recent comeback, Kairi Sane unintentionally suggests betraying another WWE Superstar.


Prior to Bayley’s departure from the Stamford, Connecticut-based company a few years ago, Kairi Sane unexpectedly expressed forgiveness for her actions on WWE SmackDown this week.

Later that evening, the Japanese celebrity teamed up with Asuka, but before that, she took to Twitter and oddly liked a status that a lot of her followers had posted.

A fan pointed out that Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY were all using Bayley until they realized they didn’t need her anymore, at which point they would turn against her.

Sane liked the tweet.

She liked every SmackDown tweet that mentioned her, so it might have been an accident, but it’s interesting if she’s already hinting at turning against Bayley just a few days after her return.

Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY appear to have started assembling their own formidable WWE team.

IYO SKY was not taken aback when she saw Kairi Sane at Crown Jewel 2023, indicating that she had anticipated her assistance, much like how Bayley’s support was insufficient for her during the match.

It was made apparent on SmackDown that Bayley is no longer in the know with her own team, despite the fact that both SKY and Bayley were shocked by Asuka’s actions.

The group was formed by The Role Model, who has been taunting SKY for several months to steal the Women’s Championship.

IYO and Dakota Kai have always agreed, but it seems like they are now beginning to plot.



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