Week 10’s Brock Purdy opening touchdown pass continues to irritate Kyle Shanahan.


Week 10's Brock Purdy opening touchdown pass continues to irritate Kyle Shanahan.
Week 10’s Brock Purdy opening touchdown pass continues to irritate Kyle Shanahan.

at Week 10 at Jacksonville, Brock Purdy and the 49ers offense were clicking from the first drive, culminating in a touchdown pass that resembled a circus and made Kyle Shanahan wince.

And the coach is still nauseous from the action, according to additional review.

The coach of the San Francisco 49ers was questioned over Purdy’s outstanding play that gave his team an early lead.

Although Shanahan is pleased that wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk scored to end the play, he still deemed it one of the young quarterback’s worst choices to date.

A few days later, Shanahan was questioned about the play once more and responded with the same response.

With a smile, Kyle Shanahan responded to the Brock Purdy throw on Wednesday, saying, “No.” “I’m glad he did it, and I really like the outcome.”

To his credit, Brock Purdy agreed as well, noting that it was one of his worst decisions in the NFL to date.

“I’m not necessarily proud of that play, honestly,” Purdy said postgame Sunday.

“I mean, yes it was a touchdown and everything.

Great. BA made a great play, but I’ve got to be smart with the ball and if anything I should have ran the ball.”

At the end of the day though, the play resulted in six points, putting both men at ease.

It also helps Shanahan that Purdy is so situationally aware at 23 years old.

Sure, the coach would have preferred a safer option, but it’s the gunslinger’s confidence to let it rip that the coach loves.

Also as much as Purdy’s ability to be coached.

No, he agrees with me by the time he gets to the sideline.

Brock sees football pretty well. No one’s going to be perfect. People, it’s really easy when you’re watching it from afar.

You’ve got to react and play football in the pocket or outside the pocket.

He knows when he makes a bad decision and that’s why he’s fun to talk to about it, [he’s] fun to coach,” Shanahan explained.

Purdy’s best decision/throw of the game was even more fun for the 49ers, with Shanahan fist-pumping with excitement in the end.

On the second play of the second half, the 49ers QB unleashed a 40-yard bomb to tight end George Kittle.

The playmaker ran a wheel route, losing his man before catching the perfectly thrown pass in stride to literally walk into the endzone.

More impressively, Purdy threw the ball with no room in the pocket, as if he was a soldier on the battlefield

After finishing Week 10 with 296 passing yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions, Brock Purdy now leads the NBA in quarterback and passer ratings.

“It looked like someone’s throwing a grenade out of a bunker,” Shanahan continued.

“I’m just watching it and hoping it lands in Kittle’s hands and once it does, felt pretty good about it.”

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