If he is not fired, I will leave the Ohio State Buckeyes football head coach, as he has a misunderstanding with his player.

I’m going to step down as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team if he is not dismissed because of a miscommunication with a player.

Since the 2023 season concluded, the Ohio State football program has had to cope with players entering and leaving the transfer portal. It’s the current way that collegiate athletics do business. One of the major winners from the portal was the Buckeyes, who were able to sign some outstanding athletes. Regretfully, they have also lost a talented player.

When the portal opens next week, running back Dallan Hayden will be entering it. He made his decision known to the Buckeyes today. A talented running back, Hayden carried for over 550 yards in 2022, despite the room being beset by injuries. His departure can be linked to a former coach who abruptly departed for Michigan.

The Ohio State football team has lost a valuable talent due to Tony Alford’s mishandling of Dallan Hayden.

Perhaps Hayden would still be a Buckeye if Tony Alford had been able to control the running back room more effectively. Hayden was never able to participate last year because TreVeyon Henderson and Miyan Williams sustained injuries at various times. For some reason, instead, they chose to redshirt him. When Hayden has had playing time, all he has ever done is produce.

However, Alford didn’t trust him for whatever reason. Ryan Day, on the other hand, didn’t appear to want to play him. Hayden’s decision to go elsewhere after accessing the transfer site is not Hayden’s fault. With his departure, Ohio State will have very little depth at running back in the event that Quinshon Judkins or Henderson suffer an injury.

Hayden’s final destination for the upcoming season is unknown. Given that he is from Tennessee and has had ties to the area in the past, Tennessee looks like a likely place. Once he officially opens the portal, other schools will also jump into the fray. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t have success with the Ohio State football program.

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