Florida State football’s squad during the 2023 season will go down as one of the more memorable teams in recent history for the proud Seminole program. I realize that the College Football Playoff committee snubbing an opportunity to compete for a national championship will create PTSD amongst individuals for quite some time.

Jordan Travis Scouting Report | NFL Draft 2024

However, the Seminoles had some very special players on the team that will go down in the record books forever. One of those players was quarterback Jordan Travis. Not only was he a tremendous athlete, he is an incredible person.

But the Seminoles had a few really unique players on the squad who will live on in the annals of history. Jordan Travis, the quarterback, was one of them players. He is not just an amazing athlete but also a wonderful person.

Travis continues to have an influence on even though he moved on to the NFL and will fulfill his lifetime dream of being a starting signal-caller for the New York Jets.

Jordan Travis gave young fan Jayce a surprise video surprise for his seventh birthday on Sunday afternoon. Note: This is a really moving moment that the child will probably remember for the rest of his life, so bring tissues.

It was great to see quarterback Jordan Travis take time out of his busy day to make Jayce feel special, even though I know that everyone is busy these days, including Travis, who is working hard to establish himself in the NFL. One of the best things is seeing a child’s happiness.

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