After one ex-girlfriend and the son of a second ex-girlfriend claimed that the NFL player had shared “sexually explicit material” of the two women and others without their knowledge, former Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard is being sued for sexual misconduct.

Ex-Dolphin Xavien Howard is accused of sending a teen an explicit photo  over an abortion quarrel – KXAN Austin

The two plaintiffs, known only as Jane and John Doe, claimed that Howard publicly shared images and videos of them and other women having sex with the NFL free agent in order to embarrass them and cause them emotional anguish, according to court documents that CBS News Miami obtained on Thursday.

Regarding the claims, CBS News Miami has contacted Howard and the Miami Dolphins. At this point, neither side has replied.

Court records state that Jane Doe and Howard were once romantically involved, but after she turned down his advances, the former Miami Dolphin shared graphic videos of her online without getting her permission, leaving her “debased and utterly humiliated.”

John Doe, meantime, is the child of a different woman with whom Howard had a sexual relationship; following the woman’s pregnancy, Howard allegedly requested that she have an abortion, and upon her rejection, he allegedly went on a “warpath” against her. Aside from other “forms of revenge” against the expectant mother, Howard sent John Doe, who was young at the time, sexually graphic photos of her.

In their capacity as victims, the plaintiffs aim to hold Howard accountable for his activities. Should he be found guilty, the allegations against him may include intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual cyberharassment, injunctive relief, and breach of privacy via public publication of private facts.

After he started texting Jane Doe on Instagram in 2016, Howard made touch with her for the first time. The two started dating in early 2022 and ended things in July of the same year. According to the court filings, Jane and Howard “engaged in sexual relations” during their relationship.

After that, on or around September 25, 2022, Jane Doe received an Instagram message from a different woman claiming to have “several sexually explicit videos” that Howard had sent her showing him having sex with different women. The message warned Jane Doe that she might have been one of the women in the videos, and that the other woman had also shared them with a third woman.

After getting her phone number, Jane asked the woman to transmit the films so she could view them, which she did that same day.

The several texts displayed the movies that Howard reportedly sent, two of which showed Jane Doe having sex with Howard and the remaining videos featuring other women, according to the court records.

She phoned Howard to inquire as to why he shared the recordings after receiving and viewing them. The court records claimed that Howard then claimed that he posted the recordings to “make her mad because she did not want to have sex with him.” Jane Doe does not know if the films were shared with others or uploaded on social media, but the plaintiff thinks that’s what happened.

According to the court documents, Howard had recorded having sex with Jane Doe with her knowledge on one occasion; however, he then nonconsensually shared the video with a second woman.

Around Oct. 7, 2022, Jane’s attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to Howard and then on Feb. 8, 2023, he attempted to call her, but she did not answer.

Then around April 10, 2023, Jane Doe was contacted again by another woman by cellphone, who sent her “several other sexually explicit photographs and videos” of naked women that Howard had recently shared, once again to “make her mad because she would not have sex with him,” the court documents alleged. Jane Doe was also shown in one of the nude photos.

Howard then filed a move to dismiss the case around August 21, 2023, claiming in the court filings that Jane Doe had a history of felony arrests. The court turned down Howard’s motion sometime around January 29.

In the meantime, Howard had obtained the phone numbers of the offspring of another lady, one of whom was identified as John Doe in the case, since “she would text him through her kids’ phones if her own phone battery died.”

Frequently, she would inform Howard by text or voice that her phone had died and she was speaking to him on one of her kids’ phones. She would also say that she would let him know when to cease using her kids’ numbers once she was able to use her own phone again. The mother would take the texts between her and Howard off her children’s phones before going back to her own. The court records said that Howard knew John Doe’s phone number as a result.

Around September 19, 2022, Howard emailed John Doe’s mother’s son “sexually explicit material” during one of their arguments. As per the court records, the son was underage at the time of the incident.

The mother erased the content from her son’s phone, but the court filings said that John Doe was grounded from using his own phone and could only view it when he signed into his iCloud account from a friend’s phone.

After being selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Howard played eight seasons with the Miami Dolphins. He was a four-time Pro Bowler, a two-time All-Pro, and twice the league leader in interceptions while he was a member of the team.

With three years left on his five-year, $90 million contract, Howard was released by Miami in February.

According to The Miami Herald, he was sued off the field in 2022 for allegedly infecting a lady with a sexually transmitted illness.

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