According to many reports, Klay Thompson, a guard for the Golden State Warriors, unfollowed the team on Instagram and removed multiple team-related postings. Some believe that Thompson’s social media involvement may not be as profound as some have suggested—that is, that he may be ready to leave in free agency.
Warriors News: Free Agent Klay Thompson Seems to Hint at Departure on  Social Media - Newsweek

Warriors player Moses Moody cautioned fans not to read too much into this during a recent visit on ABC7 (via Warriors Reddit). He said he experienced a similar circumstance the previous season, although he had never followed the team in the first place.

“They had a video saying I unfollowed the Warriors, but I didn’t follow them in the first place,” Moody stated. “I didn’t keep up with them the entire year. When it comes to the media manipulating events, use caution.”

This is a wise observation from Moody, as although the Thompson case is somewhat more apparent—given that he removed posts as well—it is impossible to pinpoint the precise moment at which an unfollow was placed. Although Moody had never watched the team, rumors circulated that he had stopped doing so.

Although Thompson’s situation is unknown, there appears to be a growing strain between the organization and him as his free agency draws near.

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