For those who follow the Celtics, this has been an odd week given the team’s affiliation with many sports.
WWE Intercontinental champion  Sami Zayn makes his entrance for his title match against Chad Gable (not pictured) during WWE's Clash at the Castle,...

The Celtic players’ involvement in Euro 2024 with Steve Clarke’s Scotland team is the clear connection to the most obvious sport.

Scotland is just a point away from making it out of the group stages of a major tournament for the first time in their history thanks to a 1-1 draw with Switzerland in Cologne, and four Celtic players are largely responsible for that.

But Celtic have been connected to something else, and it’s a sport I never would have imagined.

We talked about how, after getting involved and halting the Rangers’ attempt to win the Clash of the Castles at the Hyrdo, WWE legend CM Punk attended a post-fight press conference dressed in a Celtic training kit.

Celtic received a ton of support from the Hoops after tweeting an excellent statement on CM Punk’s role in that.

Sami Zayn, the Intercontinental champion and superstar of the WWE, appears to have likewise sworn loyalty to Celtic during an interview in which he discussed his decision to pursue a new career in comedy.

Sami Zayn & Friends Do Toronto, the show Zayn is doing, is a part of WWE’s blockbuster Money In The Bank weekend, which takes place on July 4.

The news of Celtic’s WWE partnership has thrilled Celtic supporters, and Zayn’s most recent interview while sporting Celtic apparel will surely spark even more enthusiasm among the Parkhead crowd.

If anything, Celtic supporters who will miss watching their side play every week in the Scottish Premiership have found a great diversion in the recent talk surrounding the WWE in Glasgow and its wrestling superstars.

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