Editorial: Poor, little Caitlin Clark being bullied in WNBA Published 7:02 am Tuesday, June 4, 2024 By Mike Barnhardt Poor Caitlin Clark. Poor, poor little Caitlin Clark. It seems the college superstar basketball player (I wrote about her a couple of months ago, the female Pistol Pete) is having to go through some growing pains as she transitions to playing basketball in the WNBA. What did you expect? It’s the W “NBA” after all. Basketball as most of us grew up with, were taught by coaches, no longer exists after you leave college for the NBA … or WNBA. Yes, Caitlin Clark is the reason I watched more women’s basketball this past year than ever. And no, Caitlin Clark will not be the reason I start watching WNBA games. The game is different, nothing like what most of us are taught. It’s more physical. It’s more about individual performances. It’s more about making money, not simply playing basketball the way it should be played. I’m not saying that NBA and WNBA games can’t be fun to watch. But when someone stops their dribble at halfcourt on their way for a dunk and aren’t called for walking, it’s not basketball. When a player dribbling the ball holds it in his palm for what seems like seconds and isn’t called for carrying, it’s not basketball. When a defender can all but mug an offensive player with the ball and not be called for a foul, it’s not basketball. Back to Caitlin Clark. It seems she has been putting up with some abuse – physical and mental – since her pro career started. Most of the shoves, elbows to the side and full-body hits aren’t even part of the game … or at least shouldn’t be. The other players do it just because.

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