In men’s tennis, as in other sports, there is constant debate over which player qualifies as the Greatest of All Time. Djokovic with his unprecedented 24 Grand Slam wins? Nadal with his astonishing 14 French Open victories? Federer, the first man to win 20 Grand Slams? Or perhaps a player from an earlier era – Rod Laver – who swept all four Grand Slam titles in a calendar year, not once but twice?

The GOAT debate in tennis will never be resolved. But there is broad consensus on one thing: no one has ever played the game with as much grace, as much beauty, with such effortless shot making and economy of form as the man from Basel, Switzerland – Roger Federer. It was, therefore, with enormous sadness but heartfelt appreciation that tennis fans greeted the news in 2022 that Federer, bowing to time, would retire from the sport he defined for more than 20 years.

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