If you want proof of bad faith, right-wing goofs launching a concerted effort to use Caitlin Clark in their culture war against the WNBA, look no further than noted basketball expert Nikki Haley.

After Clark was left off the Olympic team, Haley tweeted this about the WNBA star: “Let me get this straight: No player on the Olympic team has scored more 3-pointers this year in the WNBA than Caitlin Clark. And only one woman on the Olympic team has more assists than Clark this WNBA Season. And the US is not going to include her on the Olympic team? I think the Olympic selection committee should be asked do we want the best team to represent our country or not?”

As far as I can tell, Haley has mentioned Clark just once before. Last year when Haley was campaigning in Iowa, she spoke about Clark but called her “Caitlin Collins.”

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