Why Kyle Shanahan believes in Sam Darnold

is explained.

Here’s NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport talking about 49ers quarterback Sam Darnold’s opportunity to bounce back against the Bengals on Thursday morning:

“Those choices made no sense, and he didn’t look right. It makes a little more sense when you find out that he might have been recovering from a concussion.

In camp, Sam Darnold had a great appearance. Overcome by Trey Lance. They held him over Trey Lance for a reason. We’re going to see the Sam Darnold who is attempting to revive his career, which has piqued my interest in this game. He may argue in favor of it on Sunday.

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On Wednesday afternoon, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan expressed his confidence in Darnold’s abilities.

“I’ve never been to an actual NFL game with Sam, so I have as much faith in him as I could have in someone.” In the off-season, he excelled.

So far in these seven weeks, he’s been fantastic and is always eager to go.

He’s excellent in meetings and other situations. Since there are no backups, he doesn’t get many reps, but he performs.

well on the scout team and does well in meetings. Since today was mostly a walkthrough, Brock is permitted to conduct part of the walkthrough.

Sam will receive those periods because we have a few that aren’t.

Much has been said about Darnold’s professional background, flaws, and past performance.

However, Darnold hasn’t had the chance to throw.

McCaffrey gave a scouting report on Darnold from their time in Carolina during the offseason:

He is capable of anything. He’s got every throw covered. He is intelligent. He can do his job and pick things up fast.

Plays it to the limit, follows instructions to the letter, and injects plenty of flair. He is extremely tough.

I think he doesn’t get enough credit for his toughness.

Next, assuming Brock Purdy is indeed out of the game on Sunday, we’ll discuss how Darnold can pick up knowledge from him.

We’ll also emphasize how Brock performed well enough on Monday night to ensure that this isn’t a tryout for Darnold to be the starting quarterback.

Darnold won’t get anything from Shanahan that he can’t.

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