Three responses and three queries from Real Madrid’s El Clásico victory.

Three responses and three queries from Real Madrid's El Clásico victory.
Three responses and three queries from Real Madrid’s El Clásico victory.

Jude Bellingham, who scored two goals in the thrilling 2-1 victory for Real Madrid, has continued to show off his talent.

This victory marks the first Clásico of the season for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid’s performance had plenty of problems, for sure, but championship victories are always special, no matter how they happen.

We’ll go over some of the most important pre-game queries we had and some additional talking points to emerge from this win below.

1. Was Ancelotti’s lineup the best one? There are three questions.

The arguments started two hours before kickoff when Real Madrid’s starting lineup was revealed.

Was this a wise decision? Was Camavinga unfairly benched? Is Joselu’s performance superior to Rodrygo’s? Given the dismal first half showing, the starting lineup appeared even more questionable when the game got underway.

But it also meant that Camavinga, Joselu, and Modrić could all enter the game during a stretch that Barcelona was getting tired of and take advantage of.

Ancelotti has frequently stated over the years that he occasionally benched a player because he knew they would have an even greater impact off the field rather than because they weren’t good enough.

2. What outcome would Bellingham expect from his debut Clásico?

Naturally, Jude Bellingham was making his Clásico debut, which is why the summer signing constituted a large portion of the build-up.

How then would he fare? The majority of the game was actually one of Bellingham’s worse performances, which is odd to say given that this will go down as one of the all-time Clásico “I’m here” games.

Bellingham’s current level of decisiveness allows him to decide the most important club football match even on a bad day.

He scored a spectacular long-range goal off of 0.01 xG and then again made sure he was in the right place at the right time to score the winning goal. This makes him the first Real

3. How would the atmosphere of a Clásico at Montjuïc be?

Another thing to think about before this game was the location—the Estadi Olímpic in Montjuïc was the site of the first-ever Clásico.

What would that feel like? Would the home advantage for Barcelona still be as great? Well, this iteration of the storied rivalry definitely had a different vibe.

There were a lot more individual match tickets available because fewer Barcelona fans bought season tickets this year, and many of these were purchased by Madridistas, resulting in a more diverse crowd than usual.

Of course, the atmosphere wasn’t similar because of how much farther away the crowd is from the pitch.

Three inquiries

1. Is Camavinga the best left-back for Real Madrid?

Ferland Mendy and Fran García may be on Real Madrid’s roster, but Eduardo Camavinga is by far their best left-back right now.

This game began to change at the time of his introduction.

At a time when Los Blancos had few other options to advance the ball, he was so vertical and got up and down the pitch in addition to playing outstanding defense against João Cancelo, Fermín López, and Raphinha.

For the remaining important games this season, starting Camavinga at left defense might be the best option.

2. May we offer Kepa some appreciation?

Kepa Arrizabalaga merits recognition for his role in this Clásico victory.

Even though he only stopped two of Barcelona’s three shots on goal during the match, his incredible stop of Araújo when Barça was up 1-0 and nearly 2-0 was impressive.

Kepa’s performance in the Madrid derby loss drew criticism, but he responded positively in his subsequent crucial match.

3. How great will be Tchouaméni’s loss?

The bad news for Real Madrid following the Clásico was Aurélien Tchouaméni’s injury.

How much of a blow will it be, given that the Frenchman is now anticipated to be out until Christmas?

This is a significant loss given how well he has performed this season and the fact that he doesn’t have as obvious a backup as some of the other starters.

For the time being, though, Madrid supporters can put that behind them and enjoy this unforgettable triumph over their enduring rivals.




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