UNC Football: Release of the Seven-Year ACC Schedule Model

Today, we found out what the UNC football program’s seven years of conference play will entail as the ACC becomes a 17-team conference.

Future football schedules will shift along with the seemingly constant realignment of conferences in college football. The 17-member Atlantic Coast Conference—which currently includes Stanford, SMU, and California—announced its new seven-year model.

What is the alignment of the UNC Football program’s schedules during that period?

Under this new model, three conference schools have three protected matchups, including North Carolina.

Between 2024 and 2030, the Tar Heels will play three schools annually: Duke, NC State, and Virginia.

It won’t be until 2025 when the Tar Heels visit Stanford and go to California that they will play one of the newly admitted schools.

That game against SMU won’t happen until 2028!

The next most frequent opponents over the seven-year model, excluding the protected matchups with the Blue Devils, Wolfpack, and Cavaliers, are four matchups with Clemson and Wake Forest.

While SMU will visit North Carolina twice, and Cal and Stanford just three times, will welcome their new members.

The Golden Bears will host the Tar Heels for two

In addition to SMU, the Tar Heels will only visit Boston College, Georgia Tech (thankfully, the next trip to Atlanta isn’t until 2027), Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh twice in the next seven years.

The new model will adhere to the most recent modification, which removed conference divisions during the off-season.

The top two teams, determined by conference winning percentage, will advance to play for the ACC Championship.

The 17 teams will compete in an eight-game conference schedule.

Of course, nobody can predict how long this current schedule model will endure in the world of conference realignment. The ACC unveiled a four-year 3-5-5 schedule model just four months ago, and it failed to make it through the first week of the 2023 season.

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