Man United great Roy Keane makes an unexpected appearance to lead the debut of a new Adidas collection.

Man United great Roy Keane makes an unexpected appearance to lead the debut of a new Adidas collection
Man United great Roy Keane makes an unexpected appearance to lead the debut of a new Adidas collection


The former Manchester United midfielder and current Sky Sports pundit is the face of the new adidas campaign which includes a revealing short film all about the man himself

Although Roy Keane’s tough guy persona may have softened in recent years, many football fans probably wouldn’t have expected the former Manchester United captain to be the face of a new adidas collection.

This short film, which stars Keane and his cherished dog Jet, goes along with the new adidas Spezial Autumn and Winter collection for 2023.

According to adidas, it’s “a deeply personal portrait of one of football’s most recognisable figures” and “the film goes beyond the pundit and the player and explores the man.

” In addition to presenting Keane in a somewhat peaceful and revealing light, the video goes some way toward revealing the real Keane behind one of the most aggressive silhouettes we’ve ever seen on a football field.

It may come as a surprise to some soccer fans to see the former midfield force for United and the Republic of Ireland leading a fashion campaign, but Keane is sporting new trainers from Adidas’ latest collection in addition to coats, t-shirts, and more.

In August of this year, Keane made his first official appearance for Manchester United in eighteen years when he participated in a video to help launch the team’s away uniform.

Keane continues in the new video to discuss how being around Jet uplifts his “spirits” and how “sometimes you have to lose to win” in life.

As he glides across a lake, cutting a solitary but serene figure, he also discloses how, as a rookie, he was impatient and would have “gone easier on myself.

” He continues to speak openly about how much he misses the “buzz” of playing for United but concedes that as he gets older and learns to accept that he will never again reach the heights of his phenomenally successful playing career, he feels “content.”

Moving on, the collection appears to be a modern interpretation of several adidas staples. The selection of shoes that will be offered consists of

The seven silhouettes from the adidas vault that will be available are inspired by a training shoe from the 1970s that has decorative lines reminiscent of the iconic Samba.

There will be two colorways available for the Samba Deco SPZL: a black and green version that pays homage to a football boot from the 1980s, and a brown and white version that is reminiscent of the color scheme of the original Trainer from the 1970s.

The Haslingden Jacket and the Moorfield Anorak, two of the collection’s outerwear pieces, steal the show alongside other items that emphasize recycled materials.


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