Pepelu: “Real Madrid doubting us is a privilege for us.”

Pepelu: "Real Madrid doubting us is a privilege for us."
Pepelu: “Real Madrid doubting us is a privilege for us.”

The midfielder for Valencia, Pepelu, had an interview with the Spanish media outlet Marca today in advance of his team’s trip to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu this coming weekend.

On Sunday at 9 p.m. CET, Real Madrid will play Valencia, and Pepelu is confident in his team’s prospects.

Regarding his team’s position as the underdog, Pepelu stated, “For us, it is a privilege that they doubt us.”

We have been going undercover since the start of the season, and that inspires us in the locker room.

People perceive us as younger and less seasoned, but we have gradually established ourselves as a cohesive team, and we plan to perform well in all of our endeavors, including the Bernabéu.

Pepelu, 25, said Valencia have been scouting Real Madrid for some time.

“Since we started the week, we have been analyzing the game,” he explained. “We have to have a game with a lot of personality despite our youth. Be ambitious and strong in duels.

If we do it at the Bernabéu it will work.

All their midfielders are very good, both with the ball and without the ball, but I am happy because I know that with the team we have we can compete with them and put them in trouble.”

Pepelu was also asked about whether or not his team have spoken about Vinicius Jr since the racist and physical abuse he endured at the Mestalla last season.

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In addition, Pepelu was questioned about whether his team had discussed Vinicius Jr. since the offensive and violent treatment he suffered at the Mestalla during the previous campaign.

Pepelu clarified, “I would tell you that as a young and healthy team, we only focus on sports.”

Because talking about things other than sports creates a lot of noise, we haven’t had a single conversation in the locker room. Our attention is on getting ready for a great Bernabéu match.

It would be a unique triumph. It’s by removing ourselves from these problems that we can concentrate.

Not a single sentence has addressed any of the extra-sports subjects that we are aware of.





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