Draymond Green’s five-game suspension for headlocking Rudy Gobert.

Draymond Green's five-game suspension for headlocking Rudy Gobert.
Draymond Green’s five-game suspension for headlocking Rudy Gobert.

Draymond Green (number 23) has been placed on a five-game pay suspension.

The NBA said that Draymond Green, a star player for the Golden State Warriors, has been suspended for five games for “forcibly grabbing” Ruby Gobert around the neck during Tuesday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson and Minnesota forward Jaden McDaniels got into a scuffle in the first two minutes of the game, pulling on each other’s jerseys and swinging each other around as the teams moved up the floor.

This led to the altercation.

Several players from both sides rushed over to get involved, before Green barged in and put Gobert in a headlock.

Green, McDaniels and Thompson were all ejected from the game.

The NBA said Green grabbed Gobert around the neck in an “unsportsmanlike and dangerous manner.”

“The length of the suspension is based in part on Green’s history of unsportsmanlike acts,” the NBA said in a statement.

This is Green’s fifth suspension in his career.

Prior to this week’s punishment, Green was suspended for one game without pay after he stamped on the chest of Sacramento Kings’ Domantas Sabonis in the first round of the play-offs in April 2023.

The NBA said Green’s latest suspension is without pay, meaning he will forfeit $769,970 as a result, per ESPN.

Thompson, Gobert and McDaniels have each been fined $25,000 for their roles in Tuesday’s incident.

Green will not be available for the Warriors’ upcoming double header against the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as their games against the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs.

The Warriors have lost four straight games to drop to 6-6 on the season.

Green’s next opportunity to play in a game is against the Sacramento Kings on November 29.

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