Sanders, of course, failed to complete his WSU homework this week.

Sanders, of course, failed to complete his WSU homework this week.
Sanders, of course, failed to complete his WSU homework this week.

Coach Buffs quips, “You know damn well aint no black folks been to no Pullman.”

A PULLMANThis week, Colorado football coach Deion Sanders made a seemingly lighthearted statement on the Buffs’ 7:30 p.m. journey to Pullman to play Washington State.

When asked if he had ever visited Pullman, Sanders said, “You ask a Black man, have you been to Pullman? ” on his Coaches Show. Yes, exactly. Yes. was only there a week ago.You know damn well that no black people have visited Pullman.”

Pullman is rural, yes, but 

George Raveling of WSU became the first Black head coach in the conference when he took over the men’s basketball program in 1972.

Duke Washington, the captain of the Washington State football team, was the first Black athlete to ever step foot on the University of Texas football field in 1954.

Many people consider the former Black president of WSU, Elson Floyd, to be among the best in the state’s history.

According to census data from 2023, Pullman has 2.91 percent Black population, compared to 1.09 percent in Boulder.

According to a 2015 Pac-12 research, 3% of WSU’s student body and 2% of Colorado’s were Black.

Sanders was complimentary of the football team while he was speaking about it in person. He mentioned similarities between Colorado and Washington State and expressed his admiration for Cougar quarterback Cameron Ward.

Sanders remarked, “They’re so similar to us.” both physically and statistically. When you consider this team and what they are capable of, they are remarkably similar. They have some terrific receivers, and he is an incredible passer.”

Sanders praised WSU, but Amari McNeill, a defensive tackle, had a different idea. When asked if Ward and CU quarterback Shedeur Sanders were comparable, McNeill responded with some accurate information on Ward’s turnover problems as well as some remarks that might make it onto a bulletin board.

McNeill declared, “I think Shedeur is a better quarterback.” “Cam frequently places the ball on the ground.

When we return, we wreck havoc. They can score because he is swift. Despite his high turnover rate, he is a good quarterback.”

This season, Ward has completed 274 of 408 passes (67.2%) for 3,127 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. With just three interceptions, Sanders is 292-of-420 (69.5%) for 3,144 yards and 26 touchdowns. Sanders has fumbled three times and lost just once, compared to Ward’s eleven fumbles and seven losses.

Sanders has been dropped 48 times compared to Ward’s 31; nevertheless, it has been discussed all season that he accepts sacks to maintain his throwing stats. Sanders has more sacks than any other quarterback in the nation with 48.

Safety Captain Cameron Silver-Craig adopted a broader stance while discussing the WSU offense, as well.

They make a lot of ball throws,” Silmon-Craig remarked. “They have numerous players who are adept at making plays in space. They have an extremely gifted quarterback on the back end. competent man. Although it may be difficult, this is nothing new that we have encountered.”




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