Why Scotland has’mixed’ views towards Steve Clarke due to Erling Haaland’s injuries in Norway.

Why Scotland has'mixed' views towards Steve Clarke due to Erling Haaland's injuries in Norway
Why Scotland has’mixed’ views towards Steve Clarke due to Erling Haaland’s injuries in Norway

The injury that Erling Haaland sustained in Norway has considerably saddened Scotland manager Steve Clarke.

On Sunday, the two countries will play each other to wrap up Scotland’s incredibly successful Euro 2024 qualification campaign. With two games remaining, the Scots secured their trip to Germany for the summer. The outcome of this match at Hampden will determine Scotland’s pot position for the early December finals draw; Football Scotland will provide an explanation of the variations on Friday.

Deathly Unquestionably the most valuable player in Norway, Haaland of Manchester City would have faced off against players like Scott McKenna and Ryan Porteous on Sunday in Mount Florida. However, he suffered an ankle injury during a friendly match against the Faroe Islands and is now ruled out, which has left Clarke conflicted.

When asked why Haaland was not present for the match, the Scotland manager said, “It’s probably a little bit of mixed feelings.” For the fans, I believe seeing a player of Erling Haaland’s caliber at Hampden would have been fantastic.

“Unfortunately, he’s not fit, which would have been a good opportunity for the defenders to test themselves against a top striker.”

“I would probably be sitting here saying, ‘Yes, I’m delighted he’s not playing,’ but for the game tomorrow, I think it would have been better if he played,’ if you had asked me that question before a really important game.”

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