Updated NFC Playoff Picture: Detroit Lions maintain their lead in the division.

Updated NFC Playoff Picture: Detroit Lions maintain their lead in the division
Updated NFC Playoff Picture: Detroit Lions maintain their lead in the division

On Sunday afternoon, the Detroit Lions narrowly defeated the Chicago Bears in a thrilling game. It became evident by the end of Sunday night’s game how significant that victory was for the Lions.

The majority of the NFC’s best teams emerged victorious from Week 11 (assuming they participated). As a result, the Lions maintained their ranking as the second overall seed in the conference and were able to keep up with all of those clubs.

But as Detroit defeated the Minnesota Vikings on “Sunday Night Football,” they had some HUGE assistance from the Denver Broncos in the closing minute.

With just the Chiefs vs. Eagles game scheduled for Monday night in Week 11, let’s examine the NFC playoff scenario in more detail.

NF C N. Lions: 8–2.

Vikings, 5-6.

Bears: 4-6

Cubs: 3–8

The Vikings are still Detroit’s major rival, but the Lions have a dominating 2.5-game lead over them after their loss to the Broncos. With seven weeks left, there are still two head-to-head games between Detroit and Minnesota, meaning the top spot is still up for grabs. However, the Lions are currently enjoying a very cozy situation.

Leaders of the NFC Playoff Picture Division:

Eagles: 8-1 (Play on “Monday Night Football”)

Lions: 8-2

49ers: 7-3

Saints: 5-5

Wild Card race (top three advance)

Cowboys: 7-3

Seahawks: 6-4

Vikings: 6-5

Packers: 4-6

Rams: 4-6

Falcons: 4-6

Buccaneers: 4-6

Commanders: 4-7

Giants; 3-8

Bears 3-7

Cardinals: 2-9

Panthers: 1-9

The Lions didn’t get much help here. Though the Seahawks lost, the Cowboys and 49ers won. That keeps the 49ers nipping at Detroit’s heels for the No. 2 seed, while Dallas will continue to be a force to be reckoned with at the top of the Wild Card standings if they don’t end up catching the Eagles for the NFC East lead

Nevertheless, overall not much has changed. In the division, the Lions continue to control their own destiny. With the second overall seed in the NFC, they are in control of their own fate. And the playoffs are now just a formality because they have a four-game advantage over the clubs that are currently outside looking in.

The Chiefs vs. Eagles game on Monday night won’t have any bearing on the NFC standings. The Eagles have a stronger conference record (6-0) than the Lions (5-1) and will still hold the top spot in the division even if they fall and finish at 8-2.

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