When Michigan plays Ohio State on Saturday, will the football program’s future be at stake?

Ohio’s COLUMBUS — It’s time to analyze the Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh’s media appearance on Monday regarding the Ohio State vs. Michigan matchup.

Jimmy Watkins was dispatched by Cleveland.com to cover rivalry in Ann Arbor. Following his visit, Jimmy spoke with the Buckeye Talk crew about the game from Michigan’s point of view.

This involved assessing the Wolverines’ level of health before The Game and the atmosphere surrounding a program attempting to prepare for a rivalry game while simultaneously handling a scandal.

We will discuss about this game and its importance to the Buckeyes for the rest of the week. However, everything that has come before it has made this perhaps the end of the road for the Harbaugh era, which is as important for that side.

Jimmy joins Stephen Means, Nathan Baird, and Andrew Gillis in what feels like the last dance as they talk about all that’s at stake for Michigan on Saturday.

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