It’s the Saints who “win” during their bye week.

It's the Saints who "win" during their bye week.
It’s the Saints who “win” during their bye week.

Because they had a bye week in week 11, the New Orleans Saints were able to avoid playing, but they still emerged victorious.

The two teams in the division that WERE playing, the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, did the New Orleans Saints a couple favors and helped us all consider the bye week a “win” while the Saints took the week off from regular season gridiron action to (hopefully) regroup and get back to the swing of things.

Hi, you must take them to the best place you can find them, right?

The Panthers were never truly a threat because, as we’ve known for a while, they’re fried.

However, the fact that the Chicago Bears possess their first-round pick and they suffered another defeat to finish the season 1-9 makes things much more appetizing for the Saints.

Onto more serious matters though, the Buccaneers also had a game, and they came up short against the San Francisco 49ers.

With that loss, they fall to 4-6, thus giving the 5-5 Saints sole possession of first place in the, shall we say “gauntlet” that is the NFC South. Granted we didn’t specify how dangerous the gauntlet is.

That is even all the more huge considering that the Bucs owned the tiebreaker on the Saints, so had they somehow came out of the Bay Area with a win, we’d be singing a song of a much different tune as it pertains to the Saints standing in the NFC South.

This isn’t even getting into the fact that the extra week gave the banged up Saints a chance to get healthy with quarterback Derek Carr being the prime example.

Because of all of this, the Saints are now in charge of their own fate, which makes their matchup this week against the Atlanta Falcons, who finished last this weekend, all the more significant. It indicates that the match is for the division’s top spot.

Thanks to some assistance, the New Orleans Saints now have the ball, but it’s their turn to win. Watch what they decide to do with it.

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