Tony Mowbray makes a transfer claim involving a player from Sunderland. “I expect…”

Tony Mowbray makes a transfer claim involving a player from Sunderland. "I expect..."
Tony Mowbray makes a transfer claim involving a player from Sunderland. “I expect…”

Goalkeeper Nathan Bishop is expected to try to leave Sunderland if he isn’t the team’s established number one, according to manager Tony Mowbray.

Bishop joined the Black Cats during the summer transfer window from Premier League powerhouse Manchester United.

The Red Devils signed the 24-year-old in 2020 after being impressed by his performances at Southend United.

His only accomplishment was his loan stint at Mansfield Town, albeit he never played for Man United’s senior squad.

The goalie was acquired by the Championship team in the summer to expand their choices for goalkeepers, thus it’s possible that Sunderland noticed the goalkeeper because of that loan.

Bishop hasn’t played much for Sunderland in the league, though, and the team is currently sixth in the standings with 26 points, hoping to make another run for the playoffs.

How is everything going for Nathan Bishop at Sunderland?

The former Man United goalkeeper signed a three-year contract with Sunderland in the summer, but it doesn’t appear probable that he will stay with the team for the whole of that deal.

With Anthony Patterson as the team’s top player, the 24-year-old has yet to make a single appearance in the league, and that is unlikely to change.

This season, Bishop has only made one appearance for Sunderland’s first team, and that was in the Carabao Cup early in August. Bishop’s playing time suffered as a result of the match’s defeat because the cup run was now over.

In the Premier League 2, where he has made just one other appearance, he gave up five goals in a single match.

Overall, Bishop’s experience has been frustrating, but despite his circumstances, Mowbray is taken aback by how upbeat the goalie is.

Regarding Nathan Bishop’s future at Sunderland, Tony Mowbray

Speaking about Bishop’s current circumstances at the Stadium of Light, Mowbray said he finds it difficult to accept that Bishop is still so upbeat after playing so little for the team.

“Nathan is an amazing professional footballer, he has an amazing voice, he drives everybody in training, and he’s constantly on at defenders to get up, get across, or clear it,” Mowbray told the Newcastle Chronicle.

“I find it challenging and ask myself, ‘How can you be so upbeat every day knowing that you won’t be playing on Saturday?’ However, that is the life of a backup goalie.

“I told him the other day that you need to start playing and advancing your career at some point in the next five years—not right now, since you’ve only been in the building for six months.

“What do you think? I expect you to knock on my door at some point if Anthony Patterson stays here and is doing well and you aren’t playing. Currently, though, he’s really content and optimistic.

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