Aston Villa transfer uncertainty arises when a finance expert shares a £160 million+ decision.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Daniel Plumley, an expert in football finance, join us as our exclusive columnist. He will share his thoughts on the main talking points at Aston Villa.

Dan Plumley has maintained that, given their Premier League revenue, it is difficult to label Clement Lenglet’s departure from Aston Villa as a blunder in the transfer market.

On November 16, The Sun revealed that the Frenchman, who makes £2.1 million without playing a single minute of league action, is the “most expensive benchwarmer” in the Premier League.

Although things are going well on the field, Plumley acknowledged that it is only a brief period of time being looked at and that, with an annual revenue of excess of £160 million, that signifies very little.

“Perhaps we anticipated him to play more; I believe Barcelona recently expressed their concern, but it was also based on some gossip from the press.

Nevertheless, the manager decides who plays, and Villa are enjoying a successful season.

“I think the intriguing thing about that figure is that, when we overlay it and put it in perspective, that sounds like a lot for a guy who hasn’t played much, but the team is performing well on the field, and we all know that every Premier League position is worth around £2 million.

Therefore, you may view it as a net advantage if it improves the team’s performance and they place higher in the standings than they did the previous year, whether or not he is involved.

It is really difficult to dispute with how they are now operating, earning £2.1 million against a turnover of £160–180 million, and their Premier League standing.

“When you consider it in that context, the overall cost to Aston Villa’s revenue profile is probably not that great.”

In other Aston Villa news, NSWE approved a transfer deal and then made another wise choice.


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