Newcastle: Darren Eales’ most recent St. James’ Park extension.

In order to determine what alternatives there are for a possible extension of St James’ Park, Newcastle United is consulting with “world leading” experts.

Newcastle: Darren Eales' most recent St. James' Park extension. 
Newcastle: Darren Eales’ most recent St. James’ Park extension.

The Magpies are prioritizing the sentiments of their supporters while also trying to find out what is feasible.

At a unique supporter engagement event on Wednesday night at St James’ Park, Eales addressed the crowd directly.

At the event, which drew 200 in person and 800 online, supporters were joined on stage by sporting director Dan Ashworth, chief commercial officer Peter Silverstone, head coach Eddie Howe, women’s boss Becky Langley, and loan manager Shola Ameobi.

The future of St. James’ Park was one of the last issues posed to Eales of the evening, following conversations over membership, waiting lists, and present ticketing.

According to Eales, Newcastle is determining “what can be done” with the stadium as they think through their choices for the future, including possible expansion and better facilities.

“We’re doing a stadium feasibility study,” Eales stated. One of the top agencies in the world is investigating it for us.

“Considering the art of the possibility is central to the feasibility notion.

Although we are aware of this wonderful setting—the cathedral perched on a hill—but We are aware of our boundary problems. It’s not as easy as it would be if we had a large area. What then is doable? That is among the topics we need to consider.

Additionally, we truly want your input, and a survey will be sent out in a few weeks. We need to understand demand, priorities, and what people want, so we’ll be asking you a lot of questions on everything from stadium amenities to what you’d like to see.

This aids in the development of the theoretical feasibility study.

These are hypothetical inquiries; for example, one may ask, “What would you think if a brand-new stadium was built on this site?” The main goal is to gather as much information as possible from the fans to help educate our understanding of the architectural possibilities and the best course of action.”

“I’m pretty thrilled about it,” Eales continued. “There has been a lot of conversation about how we produce greater supply to our supporters for at least 30 years. We will get the greatest in the world to tell us the solution in this way.

“There is more consultation at that point; the first step is to determine what is feasible. You are limited by your preconceptions.

Our main goal is to emphasize that you should consider all options and then move backwards from what is feasible. That’s the intention.

“I’m not sure what will result from it. However, the interesting part is that we’re actually doing it; we’ll receive the best response in the class, and after that, we’ll discuss it in the consultation process.

Before its inaugural meeting, slated for February 2024, Newcastle will shortly be accepting applications for its new Fan Advisory Board, which will serve as a direct line of communication between the team and supporters.

More information, according to Newcastle, will be available online this Friday, November 24.

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