Players use the Careerwise program to prepare for their alternatives in life.

In order to better prepare them for life beyond football, the next generation of Manly Warringah Sea Eagles players has participated in the NRL CareerWise program.

Players are made aware of the resources, advantages, and favorable effects that off-field growth can have on their on-field performance through the CareerWise program.

Tim Gee, the Wellbeing and Education Manager at Manly, conducted 45-minute in-person workshops for players in the junior representative age categories. Sea Eagles hooker Lachlan Croker assisted Gee in presenting the program.

“A key component of the Sea Eagles’ Wellbeing & Education program is the off-field development of all NRL players,” Gee stated.

“We are aware that the top athletes strike a balance between their studies and football.

‘CareerWise’ refers to having two plans A—one for when you’re on the field and another for when you’re off it.

“As they progress through their playing careers, our players are informed about our expectations regarding their work and study habits within the NRL.

It’s about knowing what steps they can take right now and putting them into practice.

“The program inspires players to follow in the footsteps of some incredible current players and provides them with some actionable measures to begin their ‘CareerWise’ path.

“By engaging in career preparation activities now, it can certainly have a positive impact on a player’s performance and length of their career.”

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