Alex Caruso says Mark Daigneault of the Oklahoma City Thunder helped him build a strong defensive foundation.

Mark Daigneault receives recognition from Alex Caruso.

Currently regarded as one of the NBA’s most dangerous defenders, Alex Caruso is capable of intimidating opposing guards and holding his own against bigger, stronger players.

For Caruso, however, it wasn’t always this way; labor was required. Caruso acknowledges that Mark Daigneault, the current coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has assisted him in honing and expanding his offensive capabilities.

worked in the G League.
Caruso spent time in the G League prior to making his NBA debut in 2017.

It was there that he met Daigneault, who was then the head coach of the Thunder’s affiliate, the Oklahoma City Blue.

Caruso revealed that he and Daigneault worked on defensive exercises for a significant portion of his time there.

Caruso has clearly benefited much from his years of hard effort away from the limelight, as evidenced by his progression from being an undrafted player to an NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020 and his inclusion on the All-Defense First Team the previous season.

Caruso can’t be held responsible for the Bulls’ current lack of success, even if in addition to his tough defense, he has developed into one of the group’s most dependable offensive alternatives.

Daigneault doesn’t change
On Wednesday night, Caruso and Daigneault squared off for the second time this season, with the Thunder of the latter defeating the Bulls of the former, 118-102.

Caruso said that Daigneault is exactly the same now as he was when he was tutored by him while they were with the Blue.

Caruso stated, “He talks and coaches exactly the same as he did with the Blue.”

He consistently provided us with excellent perspective on how to play and how we would succeed. I had a great time performing for him.


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