Breaking news: Mo Salah promise to break Manchester city unbeaten record

In the history of the Premier League, there have been some very amazing long-range shooters.

When you think of effective long-range shooters, names like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard quickly spring to mind, and Dominik Szoboszlai is already proving he comes from the similar mold.

Speaking on the Sky Sports Premier League YouTube channel, Mohamed Salah asserted that he has only ever seen one player with a shot as hard as Szobsozlai’s, and that player is Didier Drogba. The Hungarian possesses an incredible rocket of a shot.

“Do you think anyone has ever kicked the ball as hard as Dom?” Salah was questioned.

“Dom, perhaps one, Drogba, hits the ball unbelievable.” My gosh, no one knows how Drogba hit the ball. He arrived in Chelsea six months after I did, and his ball-hitting technique was incredible. “Dom is amazing,” remarked Salah.

It is very well praised.

Although we haven’t seen Drogba play in the Premier League in a while, it is significant to compare Szoboszlai to the Ivorian.

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The fact that Szoboszlai is being compared to the former Chelsea striker is a credit to his skill. Drogba had one of the strongest and most accurate strikes we’ve ever seen in this league.

Even though Szoboszlai has only scored one league goal for Liverpool thus far, there’s no doubt that at the end of the season, he’ll have a highlight reel to show off that will have fans cheering from all over the field.

Szoboszlai’s shot is incredible, and he has practically everything in his arsenal, which is why people frequently draw comparisons between him and Steven Gerrard.

Without a doubt, the Hungarian is rapidly developing into a top-tier talent.


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