Ty Lue of the Clippers talks about Russell Westbrook’s “adjustment period” to his new bench position.

Russell Westbrook will require some time to get used to his new bench position with the Clippers, according to Ty Lue.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ 116-106 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night made it clear that they haven’t been able to adjust to the 2023–24 campaign yet.

Nobody played very well in this game, save for Paul George, and Russell Westbrook’s difficulties coming off the bench were evident.

Ty Lue filled in for the star point guard after the game as he moved into a new position.

Following the Clippers’ disastrous trade for James Harden, Westbrook offered to play less minutes so that Harden, George, and Kawhi Leonard could become more accustomed to playing with one another.

Even if the outcomes have been uneven thus far, Lue said that Westbrook would need some time to get used to his new position on the team.

Westbrook only played 14 minutes in the game, significantly fewer than what he is usually used to, and struggled mightily in the Pelicans loss (3 PTS, 4 REB, 2 AST, 1-8 FGM).

However, when Los Angeles looked for a way to win, Ty Lue decided to roll with Norman Powell over Russell Westbrook, who was dishing out 20 points off the bench.

Westbrook will undoubtedly need some time to get adjusted to coming off the bench, but he also needs more playing time to learn the ropes.

Lue had to make a difficult choice since he wasn’t going to have that luxury in this one.

Even so, Westbrook and the rest of Los Angeles will have time to work things out; yet, losing all the time doesn’t make life any simpler.

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