Despite losing The Game to Michigan, Ohio State football still has a shot at the playoffs, but they’ll need a lot of support.

Columbus, Ohio — following losing The Game the previous season, Ohio State football had some life following several other losses that allowed the Buckeyes to advance to the postseason.

That may theoretically still occur this season following Saturday’s 30–24 loss at Michigan.

But compared to 2022, it would need significantly more assistance. Coach Ryan Day of Ohio State stated shortly after the game that he had not yet given thought to the notion of having a second life because he had been concentrating so much on The Game.

When asked if he thought the Buckeyes should be in the playoffs, Day responded, “I think we have a very good team.” We didn’t perform well today. It’s terrible.

“I have faith in our athletes. We seem to be a seasoned squad. Our squad, in my opinion, is strong throughout all three phases. I would have to sort of explore my options.

There are plenty other teams in contention for the playoffs. A year ago, after Clemson likewise faltered in its regular-season finale, OSU only needed Utah to defeat USC in the Pac-12 championship game. Many more Power 5 teams this season advanced to conference championship weekend unbeaten.

A postseason spot will go to the SEC champion. The SEC will most likely send two teams to the playoffs if Alabama defeats Georgia.

Even if Oregon defeats Washington, which is unbeaten, the Pac-12 champion will most likely receive one postseason berth.

In the Big Ten championship game, Michigan was more than a three-touchdown favorite over Iowa at the outset. It’s difficult to see what offensive breakthrough the Hawkeyes could pull off to cause the upset. Put the Wolverines down for a single postseason berth.

After Week 12’s season-ending ankle injury to Jordan Travis, Florida State’s position appeared precarious.

But on Saturday, the unbeaten Seminoles triumphed once more. Despite having a compromised roster, they will still advance if they defeat Louisville in the ACC championship game.

It’s difficult to see the CFP selection committee establishing such a standard.

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