Following a loss to Michigan, Ohio State football falls out of the Top 5 in the CFP rankings.

The Ohio State football team is currently ranked outside of the College Football Playoff Committee.

Following their recent loss to their fierce rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, this past weekend, Ohio State football coach Ryan Day and his Buckeyes saw their rating tumble to number six in the official College Football Playoff Committee rankings on Tuesday evening.

Ohio State hung with Michigan for the whole of the game, but quarterback Kyle McCord’s late interception proved to be the game-winning play that eliminated the Buckeyes and prevented them from moving on to this weekend’s Big Ten Championship Game between Michigan and Iowa.

Following the defeat, a lot of supporters were curious about the likelihood that Ryan Day and the Buckeyes could sneak into the College Football Playoff when the final rankings are revealed the following Sunday after championship Saturday.

Probably not a very good answer is the response.To put it simply, a lot would need to go right at this point for Ohio State to qualify for the playoffs.

Georgia would first need to win the SEC Championship against Alabama. In the Big Ten, Texas would have to fall short against Oklahoma State.

Oregon would probably have to defeat Washington in the Big Ten Championship game. And in the ACC Championship, Florida State would have to lose to Louisville.

It is possible for Ohio State to squeak into the number four spot if all of those things take place.

All things considered, though, Buckeyes supporters really shouldn’t hold their breath and should instead get ready for a trip to another highly anticipated Bowl Game.

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