The White Sox have designated a former Philadelphia Phillies first-rower

Philadelphia Phillies white Sox designated…

Former first-round pick of the Philadelphia Phillies has been designated by the Chicago White Sox.

Adam Haseley, a former Philadelphia Phillies first-round pick, has been designated by the Chicago White Sox. This move is due to the addition of infielder Paul DeJong.

With no minor league options left, the only other option was for the White Sox to put him on the big league Opening Day roster or make this move.

Haseley, the eighth pick in the 2017 MLB Draft, hasn’t lived up to expectations in his young MLB career.

He was traded by the Phillies in 2022 to Chicago for minor league pitcher McKinley Moore.

Moore pitched in three games for the big league team in 2023 and posted an ERA of 18.9 in 3.1 innings.

The 27-year-old has struggled to get consistent playing time due to his bat. In 2023, Haseley slashed .222/.282/.560 in 36 at-bats.

He’s been given opportunities but hasn’t been able to make the most of them. That includes being the Opening Day center fielder in 2021.

His best season came with Philadelphia in the 2019 season. He posted a .266/.324/.720 slash line in 222 at-bats. Adam hasn’t had 222 at-bats since then.

He appeared in 72 AAA games last season, hitting six home runs and only striking out 52 times in 280 at-bats. If the strikeout rate can stay down and Haseley can produce at a .264/.338/.724 clip as he did in AAA, the defense could find him on a big league roster.

Haseley can now be claimed on waivers by a team or traded, but the issue remains the same due to no minor league options.


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