Wednesday’s Bucs vs. Panthers injury report: Is Baker Mayfield Fit to Play?

Injury Report: At least two players has been recorded injured after the match…

On Wednesday, the Bucs were inside for practice as the city of Tampa got underway this year with a season that most of the rest of the nation calls winter.

The question of whether Baker Mayfield would be able to accomplish anything during the session quickly took center stage.

QB Baker Mayfield of the Bucs | Image courtesy of USA Today

Mayfield was observed socializing with the offensive lineman across the field.

There wasn’t much activity because it was a walkthrough practice and the Bucs were only wearing shorts and t-shirts. Mayfield’s crossed arms were visible while the starting players for the Bucs observed special teams practice.

For this week, what does it all mean? All of the inquiries regarding Mayfield’s suitability for the game and today were addressed by Todd Bowles.

Bowles stated, “He’s feeling a lot better.” Bowles then responded, “I do,” when asked if he thought Mayfield will play this weekend.

He also highlighted the tenacity of his quarterback.

That’s how he was raised and trained, according to Bowles. “He has an antiquated way of thinking. I can’t argue with his work ethic. He enjoys playing the game and puts in a lot of effort each week to be prepared to play.

Other than the curiosity over Mayfield, practice didn’t have too many other notable differences. Inside linebacker Lavonte David and cornerback Jamel Dean were out again while inside linebacker Devin White was limited.

SirVocea Dennis is sick, so he was sent home. Defensive tackle Mike Greene didn’t practice either with a calf injury.

Outside linebacker YaYa Diaby was on with an ankle injury, but he was limited, and it’s a walkthrough

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