Browns’ Ronnie Harrison fined $12,128 for altercation with Chiefs coach Greg Lewis on sideline

The NFL fined Browns safety Ronnie Harrison $12,128 for last week’s shoving match with Chiefs running backs coach Greg Lewis, who received a warning from the league after the incident that led to Harrison’s ejection in last Sunday’s opener.

Lewis shoved Harrison first after a play along the Kansas City sideline, prompting Harrison to shove back. The two received offsetting penalties, but only Harrison was ejected after a replay review.

According to team and league sources, Lewis was in contact with the league and received a warning that any subsequent violations of Rule 13, Article 8 will result in discipline. When the entire incident was reviewed, Lewis’ actions weren’t deemed worthy of a fine, per source

In a memo to clubs this week, the NFL reiterated that rule, which states: “Non-player personnel of a club (e.g., management personnel, coaches, trainers, equipment personnel) are prohibited from making unnecessary physical contact with or directing abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures at opponents, game officials, or representatives of the League. Penalty: Loss of 15 yards.”

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