By Week 12, Jayden Reed of the Green Bay Packers has cemented his place as one of the top slot receivers.

Breaking news: Green Bay Packers has cemented his as…

The Green Bay Packers bet a large portion of their roster strength when they traded Davante Adams for early draft picks for the 2023 season, and, so far, that decision has paid off handsomely.

Jayden Reed, their rising star in the slot position, has been able to beat out all other players in similar roles in terms of yards per reception and matches the pace of others around him.

Reed has been largely responsible for the boost in offensive production for Green Bay, aiding them in turning around their rocky 2-5 start to a 5-6 team with eyes set on the postseason.

Their next matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs will test their grit and provide some clear answers on just how effective they can be in the remaining weeks.

Jayden Reed Leads the NFL In Yards Per Reception

Green Bay’s Jordan Love has found a new favorite target in the slot position, and the numbers prove why. Jayden Reed averages 16.6 yards per catch he makes from the slot position – the highest in the NFL.

His incredible speed, perfect route running, and vision downfield allows him to make skating passed defenders look easy.

On top of that, 4 of his 6 trips to the end zone have come from the slot position.

While he hasn’t been able to rack up as many yards as other dynamic receivers, such as Tyreek Hill with over 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns this season, Jayden Reed is more effective per catch that Hill has been this season when looking at their stats when they have both lined up in the slot.

The Packers have taken a liking to sending Reed in motion from the slot as well and sending him around the edge on a sweep.

His 7 carries have logged 81 yards and a rushing touchdown, most of which came from the 23-20 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 11.

Jayden Reed is on pace to end the year as hot as he’s been in his recent games.

With the gauntlet to the postseason to survive, including a New Year’s Eve game against the Minnesota Vikings that could likely decide who gets in and who doesn’t, Green Bay needs this effectiveness to stay for good.


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