Man Accused of Killing Troopers in Hit-and-Run Was Allegedly Booted From Las Vegas Casino Because He Was Too Drunk

SAD NEWS: Allegedly kicked out of a Las Vegas casino for being too inebriated, the man accused of killing…

Prosecutors said casino security warned him against driving off in his drunken state, but Jemarcus Williams hid behind a tree and drove off when they weren’t looking

ANevada man who prosecutors say fatally struck two state troopers with his car last week allegedly got behind the wheel after getting tossed from a casino for intoxication, according to police and local news reports.

Jemarcus Williams, 46, crashed into the two troopers early Thursday morning while they were pulled over on the side of a freeway in Las Vegas investigating a vehicle with a driver who fell asleep at the wheel of another car, according to a press release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Prosecutors said security at the Palms Casino Resort had escorted Williams out that day and told him they would call the cops if he tried to drive off in his drunken state.

Security watched him until he walked away from the premises, prosecutors said, leading them to believe that he had left Palms. But Williams had been hiding behind a tree and waited until the security officers left to get into his car and drive off, prosecutors reportedly said in court.

Prosecutors noted that Williams received a DUI in 2007 and asked the judge to set bail for $1 million.

“He has the wherewithal, even when intoxicated, to hide from security so that he can get into his vehicle and endanger this entire community,” one prosecutor said in court, per KVVU-TV.

The judge set bail for $500,000. Williams’ next court appearance is on Tuesday.

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