Ohio State Coach Ryan Day Vows To “Get This Thing Fixed”

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It has not been a great couple of weeks for Ohio State and Ryan Day. After losing to Michigan for the third straight year, the team also missed out on the College Football Playoff. As the transfer portal opened, a mass exodus happened as starters from last year including quarterback Kyle McCord left the program. Day spoke about everything that has happened and vowed to get things back on track.

To be fair, Day has had a lot of success with the Buckeyes but he knows that the expectation goes beyond simply having good seasons. “Obviously, we know what the expectation is. So, when you don’t get it done? It hurts,” Day said. While they have gone 33-5 over the past three seasons, three of those losses have come against Michigan. If there is one team that the Buckeyes have to beat, it is the Wolverines. After winning the Big Ten Championship four straight years, they have now missed the game the past three. “We’re just going to work like hell to get this thing fixed,” Day said.

The Bright Side

There is a bright side to all of this. Day’s record speaks for itself. He knows how to win. He and his staff are also bringing in another great recruiting class so there is plenty of talent still coming in. No doubt they are recruiting the transfer portal and are a top destination for many players. The only other wrinkle about next season is the Big Ten is undergoing massive changes. The Buckeyes have a date with Oregon in Eugene in 2024 which will be a tough game on top of the usual suspects.

Ryan Day has some pressure on him for next year. The standard in Columbus is to beat Michigan and get to the College Football Playoff. If Day fails to do that in 2024, he could start feeling his seat become a little warm.

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