Philadelphia Phillies’ Legend Predicted to be Hall of Famer

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A national baseball writer is predicting that one of the Philadelphia Phillies’ legends will be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day.

With much of the focus centered on the Winter Meetings and what the Philadelphia Phillies will do this offseason to help them raise a World Series banner for the first time since 2008, a legend from that last championship team is on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Chase Utley has become eligible to be elected to baseball’s highest honor for the first time and there is some speculation about whether he will or will not be voted in.

The Hall of Fame conversation has gotten much more muddy in recent years as voters are taking into account more things than just counting stats. The “Steroid Era” guys have hit the ballot as well, complicating matters even more.

So, what are the chances that Phillies’ legendary second baseman gets enshrined one day?

Well, prominent national baseball write, Jayson Stark, thinks there’s a good chance Utley will have his name in Cooperstown.

“But my gut feeling, based on the vibe I’m sensing since the new Hall ballot was announced, is that there’s a Chase Utley Hall of Fame speech coming … one of these years,” we wrote in his recent mailbag column for The Athletic.

If Utley were to be inducted, he would be the first player to ever make the Hall of Fame with fewer than 2,000 hits (1,885).

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