The Mercedes driver has not won a Grand Prix for over two years, and wants a clean-slate for the 2024 W15 car to catch Red Bull.

“There have been a few positives, such as getting pole position in Budapest, which we didn’t think was going to be possible when I first drove the car,” Hamilton told media including RacingNews365.

Mercedes leaving 'no stone unturned' with 2024 car - Wolff | RacingNews365

“The upgrade that we saw in Austria, and the fact that with a couple more laps, we could have been in shooting range for a win, shows that we are slowly morphing this car into a more competitive machine.

“It’s gotten more enjoyable to drive, and to be in a position where you actually go forwards rather than backwards.

“It’s been positive, but it is still not fundamentally a winning car, and that is what we’ve got to change next year.

“The dream is to make sure that when we start in February next year, the car is not a replica of this year’s car and feel exactly the same – but i am pretty sure that’s not going to be the case.”


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