Travis Kelce gets candid on ‘crying and begging’ to be signed by Browns pre-draft

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Most would not dispute that Travis Kelce is one of the greatest players that the Kansas City Chiefs have ever had. However, had one told the tight end that he was going to play for a different mid-west team before the NFL Draft, they’d need a box of Kleenex.

At least, that’s what Kelce indicated on the Tuesday edition of the New Heights podcast:

Sorry Browns fans, but at least Kelce drove himself to tears in his attempt to get to the franchise. Although, had he gotten his way, the 2010s might not have been quite so marred by painful losing records.

As the player rose to dominance, the Cleveland Browns essentially slipped deeper into some of the darkest years in franchise history. 2015 was a tough season for the team at 3-13 and 2016 was not much better with a 1-15 record. However, 2017 was one of the only winless seasons for the Browns in NFL history.

Of course, the 2020s have seen Cleveland raise their bar. This started with Baker Mayfield’s arrival in 2018, courtesy of whom, the team managed to go 11-5 and win a playoff game in 2020.

Things turned out brighter for Kelce during that time as he was part of the team to end the Browns’ season in 2020. Since joining the Chiefs in 2013, his team has played in three Super Bowls, won two of them, and finished over .500 every year.

For all the success he’s enjoyed, the comments leave some wondering if there’s a chance that he might at some point play a season for the franchise to live out a childhood dream.

There is precedent in the NFL for this as Marshawn Lynch spent time playing for the Oakland Raiders long after his prime with the Seattle Seahawks.

However, as long as the Kansas City Chiefs continue winning, it nearly seems impossible for either side to be able to force themselves to part ways.

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