A planned trade would send the Celtics a two-time All-Star and rebounding champion.

JUST IN:A planned trade would send the Celtics a two-time All-Star and…

With Kristaps Porzingis’ injury-prone reputation and Al Horford’s age a concern for the Boston Celtics, a center like Andre Drummond could quell some worries. He comes with his warts, but he aids a Celtics’ weakness. Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz proposed a trade that would do exactly that would send Drummond to the Celtics in a November 4 story.

Swartz proposed the following trade between the Celtics and Chicago Bulls.

Celtics receive: Drummond

Bulls receive: Second-round pick

Swartz explained why the Celtics could use Andre Drummond, a two-time all-star who led the NBA in rebounding four times.

“Boston only ranks 17th overall in offensively rebounding (28.5 percent), however, and will have to keep an eye on the usage of Kristaps Porziņģis (durability) and Al Horford (37 years old) all season long.

“Drummond could be a buy-low option, as his $3.3 million salary fits into a $6.2 million trade exception created by the Grant Williams sign-and-trade. Drummond’s 20.7 offensive rebound percentage would rank No. 1 in the NBA if he had enough minutes to qualify.”

Drummond’s all-star days are long behind him, as he’s accepted his backup role over the past few years. Given the few options the Celtics have with the Grant Williams trade exception, Drummond wouldn’t be a bad option. Something else to consider is that the Bulls may very well waive him if their season continues to spiral.

Andre Drummond Named Among Top Three Celtics Targets
On November 21, Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley explained why Andre Drummond would be worth acquiring for the Celtics, knowing their options.

“If the Celtics don’t want to pay much for interior depth, he could be their guy. His perimeter limitations at both ends hurt his value in the modern game, but he’s still an active rebounder who can finish around the basket and protect the paint.

“He could be the kind of player Boston acquires to keep behind emergency glass. If this team faces a low-post bruiser in the playoffs—several could wind up on this club’s road to a title—it might get more mileage out of Drummond than Kornet in that matchup. That insurance alone would justify Drummond’s trade cost, which would be minimal,” Buckley wrote.

With acquiring Drummond, the Celtics must consider that they have rested Al Horford on back-to-backs, and Kristaps Porzingis has missed several games already. Drummond brings different skills to the table, but if either of them is out for an extended period, he has the skills and experience to fill in for them. Even if he doesn’t do what they do.

Trade grades for Celtics-Blazers Jrue Holiday deal: Boston's rotation takes  a hit - The Athletic

Celtics Will Be ‘Active’ On The Trade Market: Insider
On December 5, NBA Insider Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that he believes the Celtics will explore the trade market as the season progresses into the trade deadline.

“The Celtics gave up a couple first-round picks in that Jrue Holiday trade. They still have a few first-round picks leftover. I expect the Celtics to be active in the trade market as we get closer to February to try to see if they can beef up their bench rotation,” Charania said on FanDuel TV on December 5.

Right now, the Celtics are still feeling out the roster they have now. It’s very possible they may not think they need any new additions if they feel confident in the current roster. If that’s the case, Andre Drummond may not be necessary. At the same time, if their frontcourt rotation takes a hit between now and the trade deadline, he may be the best insurance they can get.

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