Brian Ferentz assessed unsportsmanlike penalty after controversial Iowa fumble leads to Michigan touchdown

SAD NEWS:as player missed penalty kick….

Michigan led Iowa 10-0 in the third quarter of the Big Ten Championship Game when a controversial replay reversal set the Wolverines up for another score, essentially allowing them to seal the proceedings.


And in the aftermath, Iowa offensive coordinator didn’t agree with the call, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

On a second-and-7 from the Iowa 9, Hawkeyes quarterback dropped back to pass when he was hit by blitzing Michigan defensive back .

Officials initially ruled the play dead, an incomplete pass, and blew the whistle before anyone recovered the ball.

But when officials reviewed the play, they ruled that Hill’s hand hadn’t yet begun forward, changing the call from an incomplete pass to a fumble.

And while officials on the field blew their whistles before anyone gathered the ball, the review credited Michigan’s the fumble recovery; Wallace scooped up the ball shortly after the whistles blew.

“What an incredible sequence,” said Dean Blandino, FOX Sports officiating expert. “And remember: the ruling on the field was a pass. So it has to be clear and obvious that Hill’s hand is not coming forward any amount. I’m not convinced that that hand doesn’t just start to come forward.

So that’s No. 1. And then as Joel (Klatt) pointed out, the recovery in the continuing action you do have officials killing the play.

But they’re always going to stretch that out. You can see the Michigan defender recover it, so I’m less concerned with the recovery. I’m just not convinced that the hand wasn’t coming forward.”

The recovery (at the 12) plus the penalty gave Michigan the ball at the 6, with Wolverines running back scoring his second touchdown of the game on the very next play.

That score put Michigan up 17-0, pushing the Wolverines three scores ahead in their pursuit of the Big Ten title and a third-straight College Football Playoff berth.



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