Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s Loyalty Will be Put to the Test if Michigan Wins National Championship Title

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All the pageantry going around the Michigan Wolverines, as their temporarily suspended head coach made a vociferous comeback in the divisional title game, has got the best of the Michigan officials. Resulting in Jim Harbaugh getting offered a whopping $55 million with a contract extension.
Michigan Wolverines outdid themselves this season with an undefeated 13-0 record under some antagonistic circumstances, the sign-stealing fiasco. Their comeback was commendable, but the blue team is aiming for the ultimate retort, the National Championship. On the other hand, the authorities are pivoting their planning for the next season.
As per the current contract, Harbaugh is entitled to $7.3 million per year, expiring in 2026. Despite the contract gaining substantial lucrativeness in the past years, Michigan authorities know the much more tempting offers available in the market for the high-in-demand Harbaugh.
Harbaugh’s coaching history with the Wolverines is something the team takes great pride in. Hence, the officials clearly communicated their intentions to continue their journey with Harbaugh. As per the recent 5-year contract extension, offering the coach $11 million per year. But here is the catch: the Wolverines want a written commitment from Harbaugh about him not pursuing any NFL job during the cycle.
Jim Harbaugh’s experience with one of the leading teams of NFC, the San Francisco 49ers, is well known. During his four seasons with the Niners, Harbaugh swiftly guided the team in a Super Bowl XLVII appearance, which they unfortunately lost to the Ravens. Yet, it etched itself as one major achievement on Harbaugh’s resume.
Therefore, Harbaugh’s entertaining NFL offers might not be as surprising. Chris Ballas, a co-host on ‘The Wolverines podcast’, was in complete agreement with the dilemma in front of Harbaugh. “He loves Michigan, so there’s no question that he’s split,” commented he. “His heart certainly is at Michigan, and of course, one eye is still on the NFL. So I think this could go a number of different ways.”

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