The Alabama product is known for his speed, and has no plans to let weather of any kind slow him down.


With runs and passes at all levels, Williams is a legitimate threat to score on every snap.

“It’s actually fun being involved in a lot of ways. Getting the ball on rushes, screens, mid crosses, deep passes, being able to do everything,” Williams explained.

“It’s just being valuable and being able to do multiple things for the offense.

I feel like it opens up the offense because I feel like all of our receivers can do that — make mid plays, short plays, long plays, take a screen, get a first down.

Stuff like that. I feel like it’s very important that we can do that.”

The Lions are expecting to face challenging weather Sunday when they travel to Chicago.

Though Williams’ impact could be hindered by the conditions limiting pass attempts, he’s not concerned about the elements themselves

‌Growing up in St. Louis, Williams has played through elements such as what’s expected Sunday.

Though he believes most players would prefer better weather, he has always embraced the adversity that comes with poor conditions.

“Nothing really changed. That’s one of my funnest games, I like playing in those games because you really just get to see who want it,” Williams stated.

“You play in the hot all the time, that’s when the season starts, that’s what you work out in.

Everybody wants it to be hot, but who’s gonna play when it goes cold, when it’s raining, when it’s snowing



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