WATCH: Blake Corum Brings Out Thousands Of Michigan Fans For Local Toy Drive

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Blake Corum has made a habit of giving back to the Michigan community, and he did so in a very big way on Saturday.

Thousands of Michigan Football fans made their way to Somerset Collection this afternoon for a toy drive hosted by Blake Corum. It was estimated that over 10,000 fans participated in the toy drive, which will benefit a local Detroit-based charity later this month.

Corum was joined by several of his teammates for the event, including Mike Sainristil, Junior Colson, Colston Loveland, Will Johnson, and Mason Graham. Fans who brought a toy had the opportunity to have their photo taken with Corum and his teammates.

For Corum, giving back to the Michigan community and being a part of something that’s bigger than himself has become a priority.

“This is my purpose, man,” Corum said during his turkey giveaway over Thanksgiving. “Just getting my mind sometimes away from football, away from stress and anxiety. Football, it does a lot. Being able to step away and just be a part of the community and see people smile and be out here, it’s a blessing.

“This is not about me whatsoever. I didn’t set this all up. It took a lot of us. This event, even though it is called the third annual “BC2 Give Back 2 Give Thanks,’ so many people made this happen. It’s not about me whatsoever. It’s more so about a small community that wants to make a difference, and we all come together and make a difference. Small groups can change the bigger picture for sure, and I feel like that’s what we we’re doing.”

There’s no doubt that Corum’s toy drive will certainly make a different for a whole host of Michigan families this Christmas. Although there’s no official count on the number of toys the event received this afternoon, those involved said it amounted to multiple truckloads.

Not long after the 2022 season came to an end, Corum announced that he was returning to Michigan to create a lasting legacy. Giving everything that he’s already accomplished both on and off the field, it’s safe to say he’s done just that.

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