Proposal for 2023 championship game between the winner of the FSU vs UGA game and the CFP champion on Sunday, February 4th, 2024.


Last week, the College Football Playoff Committee refused to allow our Florida State University Seminoles the right to play for this year’s national Championship. After finishing the 2023 season with an undefeated and unblemished record of 13 wins and 0 losses, the CFP stated that Florida State is not the same team that it would have been had QB Jordan Travis not been injured in the home finale of the 2023 season! We contend that Florida State did everything they could have possibly done to earn a spot in this year’s final four.

Yes, Florida State has wanted to play and still wants to play the UGA Bulldogs in a meaningful bowl game. Here is my suggestion as to how we can instill meaning back into the OB game. Under this agreement, all players that are healthy and still capable of playing in the postseason, on both teams, will want to play and will be expected to play!


First, Florida State University will play host to the UGA Bulldogs as scheduled in this year’s OB game. Florida State enters the game with a record of 13-0. UGA enters the game with a record of 12-1.


Secondly, the CFP playoffs are played out as they are currently scheduled. The winner of the MI vs. AL game will play the winner of the WA vs. TX game on Monday, January 8th, 2024 for the CFP Championship.


If Florida State wins its OB game against UGA, thus becoming 14-0, it will have a legitimate claim at being voted co-champions in the AP or UPI polls. To make the OB game more meaningful and the CFP Championship game more valid, the winner of the FSU vs. UGA game will play the winner of the CFP Championship game.


This matchup will be played in lieu of the NFL Pro-Bowl game on Sunday, February 4th, 2024 at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. FSU QB Jordan Travis will be out of his cast by then and may even be interested in playing in one final game for the Seminoles before the NFL combines.


Broadcasting rights for this game will be allotted to ESPN and ABC, as these networks were originally scheduled to broadcast the 2024 Pro Bowl. Such a college matchup would act to squash all rumors that there was collusion involved in picking the University of Alabama over Florida State University. The game would also go to boost TV ratings as the NFL Pro-Bowl is not really taken very seriously and has lacked in TV viewership.

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