Jayson Tatum Says Sometimes Missing Son Deuce’s Birthday Is a Downside to NBA Dad Life: ‘They Grow Up So Fast’

Jayson Tatum is opening up about the highs and lows of being a father and a professional athlete as he prepares for another NBA season

The Boston Celtics star, 29, served as a guest contributor for the NBA’s Starting 5 newsletter, where he talked about balancing his career as a professional athlete with parenting son Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Jr., 5½.


Tatum noted that there are great moments that he feels fortunate to share with his little boy, saying, “The best part about being his dad in season is the games. That’s something we have really bonded over.”


“He loves watching me play, coming to the game and being in the Garden, running around in the back and playing in the locker room. Just seeing him develop over the years, his personality grows, especially in the Garden, has been amazing to see because we have grown up there together,” the proud dad shared.


There are some times that having to put his career first is hard for Tatum as a dad, as he pointed out it sometimes means missing his little guy’s birthday.


“Tough thing, depending on our schedule, is missing his birthday. There have been a few years when I wasn’t with him for his birthday. Also, not being able to go to every school event and or basketball practice because we are on the road,” he said. ” Even though this is my 7th season, it’s still something that’s not easy to deal with because you never want to miss those things. They grow up so fast.”

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Whether basketball is in season or not, Tatum makes it a point to start his day with Deuce when they’re together.

“Now Deuce is in school, so there are days when I am waking up at 6:30 am to get up and get him dressed and ready for school, regardless of my responsibilities for the day because I know how important it is to him for me to take him to school,” he shared.

“Being a dad is the most important thing to me, so no matter what my schedule is, I will always find time to spend with him and some of my favorite memories come from our car rides.”

The two also enjoy a lot of adventures together during Tatum’s months off. “Off-season is best for vacations and going back home to St. Louis with Deuce. The offseason is a time when we get to go out the country, go to the beach and swim all day, as he loves



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