Aaron Rodgers to be Medically Cleared by X-Mas EveReport: Aaron Rodgers to be Medically Cleared by X-Mas Eve.

Jet Report: Aaron Rodgers is Medically down and May… 

Perhaps not the first name in sports journalism, but a growingly credible source of breaking news, gossip web site TMZ is reporting that Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is set to be medically cleared by Christmas Eve following his ruptured achilles. The story comes one day after the Jets dropped the Houston Texans 30-6.

Rodgers has indicated in the past that the Jets playoff hopes will play a part in determining whether or not he suits up, it’s hard to imagine the quarterback going through an accelerated rehab process and not step on the field before the season closes out.

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked several weeks ago if allowing Rodgers back on the field to risk further injury was worth it, the coach said the decision would be up to the quarterback once medically cleared.

Even if the Jets would prefer Rodgers not play this season with the team’s playoff hopes requiring a near-miracle, it’s clear that he’ll be the one who decides whether or not he plays in 2023

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