Report Calls for Cleveland Browns to acquire Stefon Diggs from Buffalo Bills

Bills' Stefon Diggs calls out Stephen A. Smith's report | Yardbarker

A media report calls for a trade of Stefon Diggs to the Cleveland Browns from the Buffalo Bills. Does Everything Add Up?

Given that All-Pro Stefon Diggs frequently shows his emotions on his sleeve and that the Buffalo Bills have a history of being a nearly title-worthy team, perhaps the team brings this garbage on itself.

However, Diggs is once again being floated as a potential trade option for 2024; at least, this time, it doesn’t include the Dallas Cowboys, a notion that has been floated so frequently that it is getting old.

No, this time The 33rd Team’s analysts prefer that the Bills send Diggs to Cleveland.

Stepon Diggs, Browns, Linked as a Potential Trade Suitor for Bills, 678×381
Of course, the Browns could use weapons, but if expensive quarterback Deshaun Watson can ever get his act together, both physically and mentally, a lot of their issues may be resolved.What Buffalo thinks is the rationale behind The 33rd Team?

The website states, “The Bills could seriously look to move Diggs during the offseason with Dalton Kincaid and Khalil Shakir progressing nicely and with a loaded wide receiver draft class coming up.”

With all due respect to Kincaid and Shakir, from our vantage point? Without Diggs, the Josh Allen-led offense does not seem exciting to anyone who believes the Browns need more weapons.Do the Bills and Diggs have any issues that can cause them to get divorced? Diggs has had to refute those rumors on multiple occasions.

Is moving Diggs finally a feasible option? Given that he makes roughly $27 million a year, there will be challenges for both the seller and the buyer.

What about payment, then? Would Buffalo budge if the Browns called and made an offer for a 2024 first-round pick?

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Nope. That’s because the Browns do not have a first-round pick in 2023 to give because they forfeited the farm to Houston to acquire Watson.

We consider the Bills’ arrangement with Stefon Diggs to be “same as it ever was”: Arguably the greatest receiver in the NFL can’t be productively forced to throw a bone to the Dawg Pound. Toss him the ball in Buffalo, that is.

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