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NFL Analyst Roasts Packers’ Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry After Brutal Week 14.

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Packers Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry Wasn't Surprised He Kept His Job

The Green Bay Packers faced a pivotal opportunity to improve their playoff odds in Week 14 against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Despite grappling with offensive struggles throughout the game, Jordan Love orchestrated a crucial go-ahead touchdown drive, securing the lead with just 1:33 remaining.

Unfortunately, the Packers were forced to trust their defense to stop undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy Devito and the Giants’ offense. That proved to be a challenging task, as DeVito quickly drove down the field, culminating in a game-winning field goal as time expired.

The 24-22 defeat dealt a significant blow to the Packers’ playoff hopes, with their record now standing at 6-7 for the season. Their upcoming Week 15 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is now a must-win scenario for Green Bay. A loss could spell the end of their postseason hopes.

How Can The Packers Turn Things Back Around?
To revive their playoff ambitions, defensive coordinator Joe Barry must recalibrate his game plan. The final drive exposed a recurring issue, as Barry opted for a soft zone defense, allowing the Giants to exploit the gaps and advance the ball downfield with chunk gains.

In the final drive, the Giants executed five plays, gaining 57 yards before Devonte Wyatt halted Saquon Barkley for a crucial three-yard loss. ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes criticized the Packers for the glaring flaws in their defensive strategy during this critical juncture.

“We’ve seen them, at the end of the game on that final drive, the enormous cushions that they were ceding, despite the fact that the Giants only needed to get into field goal territory. I don’t know what it’s going to take for Green Bay to stop playing that style of passing defense in big moments, but if it’s infuriating for you and me to watch it and say the same things; I can only imagine how infuriating [it] is [for] that fan base, to see this unit continue to have the problems season after season despite their talent.”

The Packers struggled to apply pressure on DeVito throughout the game, failing to sack him even once. The decision to employ a soft zone, while hoping to stop DeVito, backfired, affording him ample time to survey the field and exploit weaknesses in the defense.

While a soft zone might have been acceptable if the Giants needed a touchdown, opting for such a defensive approach when only a field goal was required proved to be a critical error on Berry’s part. Adjustments are imperative for the Packers to rectify these defensive lapses and reignite their playoff push.

Make sure to tune in to Week 15’s matchup with the Buccaneers to see if the Packers can get back on track and keep their playoff hopes alive.


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