Packers: Jordan Love’s Potential $5 Million Bonus in .

Packers: Jordan Love’s Potential $5 Million Bonus in 2024

Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers reached a contract agreement during the previous offseason. He was signed by Green Bay to a one-year, $22.5 million maximum deal for 2024, which took the place of his rookie contract’s fifth-year option. How will Love’s incentive-based contract work out?

It seems like it will work out well for all parties as of right now.

$13.5 million in guaranteed funds, including Love’s signing bonus, 2023 pay, and 2024 salary, were included in his agreement. However, depending on the incentives he is expected to meet this season, he will receive at least $5 million more in pay in 2024.

Packers: Jordan Love’s Potential $5 Million Bonus in 2024
In addition to his $5.5 million base pay for the upcoming year, Love will also receive a $500,000 workout bonus. And that’s just the initial amount of money he can start earning.

In 2023, he will receive an additional $500,000 if he plays 65 percent of the snaps. With his current play rate of nearly 99 percent, it is certain that he will reach that mark (hopefully). In addition, he will receive an extra $1 million in the event that any one of the following three occurs: 1. The Packers win ten games; 2. The Packers advance to the postseason; or 3. Love ranks among the top 10 in passing touchdowns and passer rating. The Packers have their work cut out for them, but the first two are the most likely.

Just by virtue of the Packers qualifying for the playoffs and Love starting 65 percent of the games during the regular season, he will receive an additional $500,000. He will receive $500,000 for his first playoff victory and an additional $1 million for each subsequent victory. None of those are being considered in this calculation.

Placing in the top 10 in throwing yards and passing touchdowns will increase his income. He is in the money for touchdowns and is in the close range for yards.

In addition, he can receive $500,000 for fulfilling each of the subsequent incentives; however, the total amount he can receive from this group is limited to $1.5 million.

Jordan Love's fifth-year option worth $20.27 million in 2024

$500,000 for the top 16 passer ratings and 65% of snaps.
65% of snaps and the top 16 completion percentages: $500,000
$500,000 for the top 16 passing yards and 65% of snaps
$500,000 for the top 16 passing touchdowns and 65% of snaps.
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In case you missed it, he will most certainly receive the following bonuses, which will bring his total earnings to $5 million by 2024:

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